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Xiaoyun Elementary School is located in Xiayun, the former mountain of Fuxing District, Taoyuan City. It is surrounded by a small scenic area. Before Xia Yun, Kuxi two streams convergence and, Yishanbangshui, like a paradise on earth.

The school was established in 1955. The school district to continue, Jia Zhi, Kubi, and the warmth of tribal environment, have a good tourism development resources.

There are seven classes in our school, included kindergarten, with a total of 42 students. 21 Staffs and teachers. The average age of teachers is about 40 years old, enthusiastic education is full of vitality. More than 98% of the students in the school are Atayal, a well-known aboriginal school with a vibrant and enthusiastic student community. 

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Our students also take "MIT Scratch" , "Arduino STEAM", and "Aquaponics" courses beyond the basics.

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